Clean Our Oceans Project recently collected more than 225kgs of clean, dry and segregated plastic from Nestlé  Philippines. CoOp provided bins for Nestlé  employees and they were quite cooperative and excited to hand in their personal plastics, CoOp founder Anna Varona said.

The two-day event was quite the success, Varona said, with most of the plastics collected being Types 2 and 5. The candy and food wrappers, soda and water bottles, medicine bottles, and shampoo and soap bottles will be upcycled into chairs, tables, school chairs and crates for reuse in schools and other settings that will benefit from these durable goods.

Nestle’s one day event garnered more than 50kgs of clean, dry and segregated plastic.

This is a great effort in consumers taking personal responsibility for the lifecycle of the products that they purchase, Varona said. In addition, Nestle employees traded their clean, dry, and segregated plastics for points that they can use at the company staff shop. All of this plastic was rescued from just a single building on the Nestlé  campus.

If you wish to help keep plastic waste out of the landfills and out of the oceans, let us know and we can arrange for a consultation.

In cooperation with Nestlé employees, we kept 225 kgs of plastics away from the Ocean and landfills. #ocean #CLEANOUROCEANSPROJECT #cleandrysegregated

Posted by Clean Our Oceans Project on Sunday, May 19, 2019