Clean Our Oceans Project today went to People’s Park in Valenzuela, Bulacan to showcase the upcycled products that the NGO and Nestlé Philippines helped to create using plastic waste such as sachets and plastic bottles. These plastics won’t go to the landfills or be found in the ocean thanks to their efforts. Last month, CoOP collected more than 200kgs of plastics at Nestlé Philippines. You can read about it here.

Products made with sachets include the food tray, rubbish bin, crate, and storage box.

May Balik sa Plastik is Nestlé’s first initiative to manage residual waste and turn it into recycled and upcycled plastics in Metro Manila. The world’s largest food company has partnered with CoOp to capture these plastics and turn them into durable goods that can be used.

May Balik sa Plastik is Nestle’s first initiative to manage residual waste.

This is an event that was held in cooperation with Valenzuela, Bulacan Mayor Gatchalian and Nestlé Philippines. People were able to view the products that they helped to create by upcycling their plastics. These products include crates, food trays, and rubbish bins. If you would like to help to clean our oceans, contact us for more information.